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Buy skiing with doorways

Author:   Source:   Update: Dec 06, 2017

Continued to lower the number of snow, the capital skiing around the rapid rise. Insiders suggest that consumers should purchase ski equipment science.

"In the selection of ski suits, you can not just pick the style, but to pay attention to its practical features." Operating skiing for many years the industry said that skiing requires a higher clothing, jacket to loose, in favor of gliding; cuffs, Kukou In order to prevent snow, should choose to shrink style; collar should be erect high collar opening, to prevent cold air into. "The color of the clothes should be bright or large in contrast with the snow to prevent the skiers from colliding."

In addition, due to the strong reflection of the sun on the snow, and the greater cold on the taxi to stimulate the eyes, ski enthusiasts should have a suitable pair of goggles to protect the eyes. Recommended goggles should choose a thick frame, all closed plastic type, the frame must be ventilated mouth, so that facial heat scattered to the mirror, to ensure that the mirror has a good visual effect.
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